Jeff Vanderstelt

Bonus Content

In Kansas City, Jeff Vanderstelt planned to show us the Church’s role to be a place of rest and its role to invite others to find rest in Jesus. Instead of losing out on these important momentum-building topics, we created this bonus content for your ministry as you continue discipling students in areas of restlessness.

Use the messages and questions below in small group discussions, personal reflections or one-on-one time together. We hope you are encouraged by these messages!


Experiencing Jesus Through His Church

Discussion and Reflection Questions

1.  How can your life demand a gospel explanation?
2.  How is your life different than your friends’ who don’t know the gospel?
3.  Do you give Christ credit for the good works in your life?
4.  How has God shown love to you so that you can show love to others?
5.  How did the story of Nikki—who was a frustrating neighbor-turned-family—impact you?
6.  Are there people you are too quick to judge who may need some grace from you?
7.  Does anything outside of God have controlling power in your life? What is it?
8.  Is there someone in your life who has noticeably changed because of believing in Jesus?
9.  Is there someone to whom you could be a taste of Christ?
10.  How does your identity in Christ change you?
11.  Reflect on who God is and who you are because of it.

Sharing Rest With Others

Discussion and Reflection Questions

1.  During quarantine, how have you felt the reality that you are meant to be in community in-person?
2.  What does it mean that we are Jesus’ body here on earth?
3.  Do you want the most fulfilling life possible? You can as you come to faith in Jesus Christ.
4.  How can you engage with the church body?
5.  What gifts do you bring to the house/church?
6.  How can you think about yourself less instead of thinking less of yourself?
7.  Do you know you are a gift?
8.  What gifts has God given you that you could use to bless others?
9.  How can you point out the gifts and strengths of your friends?