Outreach Registration Instructions

We are excited to offer diverse ministry opportunities in Kansas City during Challenge. Please read the information and instructions on this page before registering for outreach.


How To Register

As churches register for Challenge, they have the option of also registering for outreach by choosing day(s) to participate and their desired type of  outreach opportunity.

  • We can accommodate approximately 1,800 outreach participants per day; we have historically maxed out this availability.
  • We expect churches to participate in outreach with a 10:1 student-to-leader ratio.

June 6: Deadline for registering and updating your registration.

Choose Your Day

At Challenge, churches have the opportunity to customize four afternoons for the unique needs of their group. Due to the logistics, transportation needs, and community partnerships involved, groups are limited to two afternoons of outreach.

When submitting outreach registration, churches need to choose which day(s) they would like to do outreach.

If churches would like to do more than two afternoons of outreach, there will be a place to indicate interest in additional outreach opportunities should they become available.

There are also many great equipping labs and recreational options available in the afternoons. Please be prayerful, strategic, and realistic about how you customize your week.

Choose Your Outreach Opportunity

We are pleased to offer two different types of outreach. Descriptions for “Prayer” and “Service” are below. Most of our opportunities fall under the service description, but we are excited to offer an increased number of prayer opportunities in 2024.


Prayer outreach is intercessory and evangelism-based outreach. We utilize prayer stations and prayer walking.

  • Prayer Stations: Prayer Stations provide opportunities for students to engage people in the community in non-threatening ways. Training will be provided.
  • Prayer Walks: By partnering with local churches and ministries, groups will provide needed prayer support for spiritual breakthrough in a targeted community. Training will be provided.

Service Projects

These projects mobilize groups to serve with their hands, muscles, and servant hearts. Spread throughout the city, these projects serve the city, local ministries, and community. Projects could include restoring parks and playgrounds, working with homeless shelters, partnering with other city organizations, and coming alongside local churches as an extension into their communities.

Taste of Apex

Each afternoon, a select number of groups that register for outreach will have the opportunity to serve at Bridge of Hope—a local EFCA church.

At this site participants will get both a taste of Apex—the EFCA’s student missions program—as well as serve with our Apex partner, Pastor Luther Eatman. Pastor Luther will lead participants in understanding Bridge of Hope’s context as well as practical acts of service and ministry to help advance the gospel in this amazing community.

This opportunity is designed for churches who have not yet participated in an Apex missions trip and who are interested in learning more about Apex.

Groups interested in this opportunity indicate their interest while registering for Challenge. (Please note: Indicating interest does not guarantee assignment to this outreach site.)


Keeping Your Commitment

We work very hard to confirm outreach assignments with churches and share all the necessary information needed to give participants peace of mind and clear understanding. Please be present each afternoon you register for outreach! Not showing up or cancelling gives Challenge a bad name in the community and creates logistical chaos as we seek to make good on our commitment to partnering organizations.


Praying for You!

We are already praying for the groups that will be serving and praying and for our churches, ministries, and community partners in Kansas City. We are praying for ministry opportunities that might awaken students’ missional understanding and imagination to Christ’s specific call on their lives. Please be in prayer with us and for us. Thank you!


Check out this outreach FAQ page.

If you still have questions, please contact our Outreach team at challenge@efca.org.