Outreach FAQ

How many days does Challenge provide outreach opportunities?

We offer outreach opportunities on four afternoons: Monday — Thursday.

What types of outreach opportunities does Challenge offer?

We offer service and prayer opportunities throughout Kansas City.

  • Prayer outreach is intercessory and evangelism-based outreach utilizing prayer stations and prayer walking. Training is provided.
  • Service projects mobilize groups to serve with their hands, muscles and servant hearts. Projects include restoring parks and playgrounds, working with homeless shelters, partnering with other city organizations, and coming alongside of local churches as an extension into their communities.
Could my group choose to do outreach each afternoon of the conference?

Groups are limited to two afternoons of outreach. This is due in part to the availability of transportation, but we also want to encourage groups to participate in our equipping labs and recreation opportunities.

Can we choose one type of outreach one day and another type the next day?
Are we guaranteed our requested outreach opportunity?

We attempt to honor all requests but can’t guarantee a specific day or site. Group size is a major factor in assignments. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated!

How do I register my group for outreach?

Outreach registration is part of the conference registration process. We will provide detailed instructions before conference registration opens.

When will I know our group assignment?

Our goal is to communicate assignments two to three weeks before your arrival at Challenge.

Once our group is registered for outreach, am I able to make changes?

There will be a way you can request changes. We will let you know as soon as possible whether we are able to accommodate your requested changes.

Can we register for outreach opportunities onsite?

Once onsite, options are limited; there is no guarantee of openings. In order to honor our city sites, it is important you register prior to Challenge according to our timeline.

Does Challenge provide all needed materials?

Yes, Challenge and our outreach partners provide all needed equipment. Instructions regarding how to dress for service projects will be sent in late June to those who have registered for service.

Does Challenge provide transportation to outreach locations?

Yes. We have contracted with a bus company that takes groups to outreach sites.

How will our group eat lunch on the day(s) we do outreach?

On days you are assigned to outreach, your group still receives the conference lunch. We will provide logistical details as we near the conference week.

Will students be safe on the streets of Kansas City?

We do not send groups into overtly dangerous communities. Generally speaking, if groups respect that they are in a city, stay in a group, and make it known they are present to serve/help, they will be welcomed and supported by the people of the community.

If I have a question regarding outreach, who should I contact?

Please email challengeministry@gmail.com if you have questions.