Equipping Labs

Take learning to a new level with a variety of labs that provide students with practical skills for the other 51 weeks of the year.

At Challenge 2022, we will offer labs such as:

More than Stereotypes: Gender and the Image of God

More than Getting Along: A Biblical Look at Racial Justice

More than a Checklist: Spirit-Filled Disciplines for Growing Closer to Jesus

More than Your Bio: Finding your Identity and Purpose

More than Evangelism: Living Life “On Mission”

More Than Profiles and Followers: Social Media and the Kingdom of God

More Than Talking to the Ceiling: Prayer as Communion with God

More than Hanging Out: Friendships that Matter

More than Worry: Good News for those Wrestling with Anxiety

More than Red or Blue: How the Gospel Can Transform Politics

More Than Busy: Schedules in Light of the Gospel

More than Music: Leading People in Worship

More than a Very Old Book: How to Read the Bible for All It's Worth

More than a Ticket to Heaven: How the Gospel is Good News for All of Life

More than Performing: Freedom From People Pleasing

More than Defriended: How the Gospel Responds to Cancel Culture

More than Charity: A Biblical Framework for Transformational Justice

More than Your Usual Students: Reaching the Marginalized in Your Community

YOUTH LEADER: More than Your Four Walls: Engaging your Local School

YOUTH LEADER: More than Blank Stares: Making the Bible Come Alive to Students

YOUTH LEADER: More than Great Ideas: A Time of Connecting and Mutual Resourcing for Youth Workers

YOUTH LEADER: More than a Trip: Making the Most of Summer Missions Projects

YOUTH LEADER: More than Doing Ministry: The Secret to Fruitfulness

Stay tuned Spring 2022 as we announce the full list of labs, descriptions, facilitators and schedule.