Challenge Media

Designing your own Challenge promotion?

Download these images and videos to help get you started!

Restless Media Kit

The essential Challenge 2020 media elements.

Theme Basics

Restless color palette, logos, typeface and backgrounds – all the basics.

Main Image

The Restless logo over a static background. Yeah, you want this!

Video Bumpers

Restless theme bumpers to use at the beginning or end of your video.

Challenge Brand Kit

Media elements to promote Challenge anytime.

Challenge Branding Elements

Challenge logos can be found here. These are helpful when communicating with parents, students, and leaders about Challenge.

Promotional Photography

Use these pictures in your Challenge communications to help parents, students, and leaders experience Challenge.

Promotional Videos

View all of the Challenge videos on Vimeo.


These patterns will be help add some color to any brochures, posters, or emails you create. Download and crop to the size you need.

Video Bumpers

Creating your own Challenge promo video? Download these bumpers to use at the beginning and end of your video.