Pause at 5:30 each evening and come together for a rich time of prayer.

What is Prayer Moves?

Prayer Moves is a team of students mobilizing their peers to pray. Our goal is to see a movement of student led prayer spread throughout EFCA student ministries before, during and after Challenge 2014. Prayer Moves is way bigger than Challenge. Prayer Moves is about students seeking God together.

Why is this important?

The answer is in the name—we pray, God Moves. Scripture reveal that when we pray God moves in us, through us and around us. If we want to see change—today as well as this summer at Challenge—then we must pray. A conference won’t change students, but God will.

How does it work?

We are not adding one more thing on your plate as a youth worker. Instead, we want the weight of this opportunity on the students. All you need to do is identify a few students and empower them to mobilize their peers.

  1. IDENTIFY: Consider 2-3 students who are ready to pray and mobilize their peers.
  2. SHARE: Meet with the students and share with them the “Welcome to the Prayer Moves” document, connect them to the Prayer Moves text reminders and charge them with seeking God for a prayer plan for your ministry.
  3. EMPOWER: Let the students determine the direction for mobilizing prayer in your ministry. Give them support and encouragement to follow through. For example:
  • Provide 5-10 minutes in each youth gathering to lead their peers in a particular prayer focus.
  • Promote a student prayer group before your youth gathering or some other time.
  • Think about possible mobile/social media prayer reminders (texts, FB, twitter, etc.)

4. CELEBRATE: Celebrate together how God is moving.

The focus of Prayer Moves is on prayer, not the Challenge Conference. As we get closer to the event, it would be great to have students include prayers about the Challenge experience.

Join Prayer Moves

Text Join PrayerMoves to 40650 to receive regular text messages that will encourage you to pray in the weeks leading up to Challenge.

Challenge is often transformative because of our emphasis on prayer. We believe that when we pray, God moves. We invite you to be a part of Prayer Moves!