• Berlin sex trafficking
  • Challenge Conference 2014

In the past, we’ve launched a child sponsorship program in India and filled two buses with school supplies and then shipped them to Haiti. Pretty sweet examples of 5,000+ Spirit-empowered students on mission with God, right?

God is always at work (John 5:17) — in your community, in Kansas City, and in India and Haiti. At Challenge Conference 2014, we’ll learn what God is up to in another part of the world.

This year, we’re looking at what life is like in the modern, complex urban center of Berlin, Germany — a society with religious beliefs as diverse as its inhabitants.

The Love Moves will feature the following five Berlin ministries:

  1. Internetmission e.V. is reaching Berliners by relating the gospel through the internet.
  2. Berlin UniteD unifies urban ethnic youth leaders.
  3. Serve The City is people joining together in a wide variety of service projects throughout the city.
  4. Café Neustart  is a safe haven for women in prostitution with trafficked or non-trafficked backgrounds.
  5. Café Impuls is reaching Berliners through hospitality and thoughtful and creative events, part of a missional coalition in former Eastern Berlin.

Through the “Urban Walk and the “Invisible Wall,” students will have an opportunity to experience life in Berlin and see how their choices impact urban cities, like Berlin, as well as their own communities. Students will learn about ways to get involved and options for going to Berlin for a summer or a year to join God in what He’s doing in Berlin.